Nano Lopez

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From Europe to Colombia to the U.S.

In 1981, Lopez moved back to Colombia and built an art studio on his mother’s property. Soon after, he had his first exhibition at an art museum in Bogota and his aunt hosted a show where Lina Botero, daughter of sculptor Fernando Botero, collected his work. Two years later, Lopez relocated to the Pacific Northwest…. read more

Fueling the Passion

Lopez became passionate about art when he was around 15 years old. Lopez would find water clay that had been unearthed at construction sites to experiment with back at his apartment. In addition, Lopez hones his skills by observing the works in the city carving sandstone columns. Lopez befriended them and asked the craftsmen to…. read more

Nano Lopez’s Early Life

Nano Lopez was born in Bogota, Colombia on October 31, 1955. Lopez was born into an affluent and well-educated family. His great-uncle was the president of Colombia and his grandmother, an artist, was well-traveled. His father attended school in the United States and was a chemical engineer in addition to other entrepreneurial pursuits. On the…. read more