Nano Lopez

Nano Lopez was born in Bogota, Colombia on October 31, 1955. Nano was recognized early in his life for his artistic talent when he was awarded first place in a municipal school drawing contest at the age of 5. Around the age of 15, Nano’s love of art grew and he began using wet clay he found at construction sites to practice his skills. By high school, he was making serious copies of the masters including Michelangelo’s sculptures and paintings. His passion for art led Lopez to travel all over the world, studying in prestigious schools and exhibiting his sculptures for international art collectors. Nano focused on model-making and reducing and enlarging maquettes to monumental sizes for many years, but has recently shifted his work towards the creation of his “Nanimals”. His “Nanimals” sculptures engage viewers of all ages and reflect a sense of playfulness, intense creativity, and wonder.

Nano’s grandmother was an artist who worked in ceramics and water clay, having a big influence on him. Her sculptures and collection of art still inspire him to this day, and she encouraged her grandson at a young age to pursue art. Nano also found inspiration from his father, a chemical engineer and entrepreneur, when he would visit his father’s copper sheeting factory and see the beautiful patterns created by sulfuric acid and cupric nitrate crystals. Family trips to San Andres or other locations in South America influenced the young artist as well, whether it was fishing on the Amazon River, watching turtles or noticing the texture of leaves or nets. Nano’s work invites us to experienced a range of emotions relating to the human struggle.