Park West Artists

Art collectors worldwide can be connected to Park West artists and quality artwork through cruise ship art auctions, art auctions in major metropolitan cities, and via the Park West art galleries in Michigan and Florida. Currently, over 1.8 million art enthusiasts have found the fine artwork they desire through collecting with Park West Gallery.

A majority of the pieces of art offered for collection through Park West Gallery, come straight from the living artists themselves. This is achieved by the wide network of Park West Gallery artists, representatives and publishers, some of the artists represented by Park West Gallery have even selected the company as their exclusive art dealer. Collections obtained by deceased artists are normally received directly through the artist’s estate or purchased from an international recognized auction company.

Whether collecting by land or sea, Park West Gallery is dedicated to creating an educational, exciting and welcoming environment for all of its collectors. The Park West Gallery experience was created to ignite a passion for the arts in collectors of all ages and experience levels. The collecting experience that Park West Gallery has created is unrivaled elsewhere in the fine art industry.

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